Guess Who Won a Bride’s Choice Award!

Breaking News! Check out this email that we received here at Adagio Djay Entertainment

You’ve Won the
Bride’s Choice Awards 2012

We are excited to announce Adagio Djay Entertainment has won the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2012. This prestigious award is determined by reviews from your past clients and recognizes the top 5 percent of local Wedding Professionals from the WeddingWire Network.

So there you have it! Adagio Djay Entertainment is one of the top 5 percent of Local Wedding Professionals. Give us a call to find out why! 🙂

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DJ Corner | 11 Most Important Songs of 2011 (The big #1!!!!)

Adagio fans, here is the moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting. The announcement of the big #1 most important song of 2011!!! Before we get to that, here’s a recap:

#11) Toby Keith – “Red Solo Cup”
#10) Foster the People – “Pumped Up Kicks”
#9) Katy Perry – “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)”
#8) Lady Gaga – “The Edge Of Glory”
#7) Zac Brown Band – “Knee Deep”
#6) Lonely Island – “Jack Sparrow”
#5) Taio Cruz – “Dynamite”
#4) Jason Aldean – “Dirt Road Anthem”
#3) Rebecca Black – “Friday”
#2) Pitbull – “Give Me Everything”

Right now I’d like to address the following questions and/or criticisms: “What about Adele? Nicki Minaj? Florence and the Machine?” Yes, you are right in that Adele, Nicki Minaj, and Florence and the Machine had huge contributions to the musical landscape this year. This list is simply those that either have established a timeless quality that will be seen for years to come or they are synonimous with 2011. There’s also a glaring absence of rock artists from the list, I know. Maybe 2012 will be a more profound year for rumbling drums and guitars cranked to 11 (or 12, nothing wrong with going 1 louder). This again is also one person’s opinion, that is what makes these list intriguing and annoying all at the same time. Am I intriguing or annoying? That’s up to you to decide, but if you ask any of my ex-girlfriends, they’re LYING…..okay, on to the final stop on the countdown:


#1) LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem”There’s a concept in creating a great song whether it be a pop song, rock, country, metal, alternative, hip hop, (it just occured to me that there are about 50 million genres of music, so I’ll stop there). That concept is known as “K.I.S.S.” Which means Keep It Simple, Stupid. LMFAO (pronounced as “Lummaffo”, according to my mom) have captured the concept of keeping it simple perfectly on “Party Rock Anthem”. First of all, think about the title. They could have gone for anything artsy or symbolic for a song title. It could have been called “Good Time” or “In The House” or any other random lyric; but they thought about it and decided to tell us, the listeners, that this is an anthem. What kind of anthem? A party anthem. A party anthem that rocks you. Thus a party rock anthem. Well, you get what you pay for and LMFAO delivers. In fact the whole song is just telling you like it is. We’re all party rockers. We’re in the house tonight. What should we do? “HAVE A GOOD TIME.” Roger that. How do we have a good time? “SHAKE THAT.” 10-4. Pepper in a command of putting your hands up (which we’ve heard thousands of times but somehow LMFAO makes it seem fresh), an easy to dance to beat, and an easy to enjoy keyboard hook and you’ve got it; a simple pop song that will keep club goers, wedding guests, and Jersey Shore wannabes pumping their fists in the air for years to come.

Well, that’s it for the top 11 most important songs of 2011. Without a doubt I hope you have enjoyed this list and my ranting. What’s ahead for 2012? Well………..

I’m a DJ, not a fortune teller. Sheesh. Happy new year everybody! From all of us at Adagio Djay Entertainment, have a wonderful and safe 2012!!! 

–DJ Tommy

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DJ Corner | 11 Most Important Songs of 2011 (Part Deux)

Hey Adagio followers! If you’re reading this, that means you were interested enough in the first part of my Top 11 countdown of the most important songs of 2011, that you decided to move on to part 2. Why did I go with 11 and not an even 10 or stretch it to 20? Well, if you talk to anyone at Adagio, they’d say that doing a top 11 countdown sounds pretty typical for me. That’s just Tommy for ya. Also it is a list for the year 2011, so I thought it would be fun to do, ya know, 11 songs. Also when I jotted down my notes I had 11 songs and didn’t know which one to cut. Editing is NOT my forte. Anyway, here’s a brief recap:

#11) Toby Keith – “Red Solo Cup”
#10) Foster The People – “Pumped Up Kicks”
#9) Katy Perry – “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”
#8) Lady Gaga – “The Edge Of Glory”
#7) Zac Brown Band – “Knee Deep”

For my rants about these songs, check the previous blog. Otherwise, on with the countdown:

#6) Lonely Island – “Jack Sparrow”; Lonely Island, aka “Saturday Night Live’s” Andy Samberg and two other guys, is obviously a comedic hip hop trio; but the song “Jack Sparrow” is certainly one of the defining songs of the year. Quite frankly, the sound of Michael Bolton’s sexy hook singing a tribute to Johnny Depp’s most recognizable character has been stuck in my head for weeks on end this year. For that, I cannot forgive Lonely Island. However, we all know that one guy or gal that has little personality of their own and spends their lives talking about and/or quoting movies so for that, I thank Lonely Island for giving us the term “cinephile”. Anyone ever see “Office Space”? There’s a Michael Bolton in that movie, too. I think someone stole my stapler…..

#5) Taio Cruz – “Dynamite”; In another effort to show how old I am, let’s talk this release by Taio Cruz. As a DJ, I love the fact that this song appeals to people young and old. At events I’ve worked this year, the results on the dance floor are great with this song. Kids, twenty-somethings, forty-and-fifty-somethings acting like twenty-somethings, and grandparents can all get along with the concept of putting ones hands in the air and saying “ayyyyy-yo”. I also like it because if you listen very closely, Taio isn’t saying “Dyn-A-mite”, it’s actually “Dyn-O-mite”. Now is this because he’s british and it’s a simple accent thing, or is Mr. Cruz offering up an ode to Jimmie Walker ala “Good Times”? I’d like to think the 70’s sitcom had something to do with the inspiration for this song.

Wait a minute, it just occured to me this song came out in 2010. Oops, see how old I’m getting? Memory……GONE.

#4) Jason Aldean – “Dirt Road Anthem”; Jason Aldean claims he isn’t rapping on this song. Riiiiiiight. Has he heard it? Sure sounds like a rap to me! I don’t know why he’d deny it like it’s a bad thing, rap crossing with other musical genres has been happening for years. Rock and rap have had it’s successes (Rage Against The Machine) and it’s failures (Limp Bizkit), but country and rap can actually find common ground. Trace Adkins and Big & Rich have been sprinkling in hip hop terms in their songs over the last decade, plus, let’s not forget Cowboy Troy. I like the way this song goes from a swaying drinking song to a cool little rap and back again. So embrace it, Jason, it’s not like Lil’ Wayne is showing up at the CMA’s or anything….oh wait, yeah he did.

#3) Rebecca Black – “Friday” ; Auto tune. In the hands of someone like T-Pain, it just makes your voice sound really cool and electronic like. In the hands of Rebecca Black, it has the power to take a voice that may have potential to one day sing really well and make her an instant pop star without developing the talent. While this may not have been one of the more favorite songs of the year (most people downright hated it), you can’t think of 2011 without thinking of “Friday”. So don’t curse out YouTube and Auto Tune for subjecting the world to Rebbeca Black and “Friday” (In the right hands, “Friday” actually isn’t a bad song; consider Steven Colbert, The Roots, and Taylor Hicks on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” doing the song. It was actually pretty good.) After all, with out YouTube and Auto Tune we wouldn’t have

#2) Pitbull featuring Ne-yo, Nayer, and Afrojack – “Give Me Everything”; Anyone else you’d like to invite to contribute on this song, Pitbull? He must have lost my number. One of the biggest and most important songs of the year is without a doubt “Give Me Everything”. The thing that gets me about this song is that when Ne-Yo is singing on the chorus, it sounds like an outpouring of emotion and opening your heart to a relationship that’s fulfilling and life affirming. But then again, it’s Pitbull, so on the other hand it could be about a relationship that is, well, much shorter and lacking in minor details like family histories, common interests, or last names. Whatever it’s about, it has a great beat and grandparents seem to love Ne-Yo’s singing. As your DJ, I’d highly recommend this to be on your request list.

Well, that’s 11 thru 2. What is the big #1? Stay tuned to this blog space to find out! (If you’re wondering if it’s Ke$ha, no, it’s not. If you’re wondering if I left Ke$ha off of the 11 most important songs of 2011 on purpose; yes. Yes I did.)

–Seacrest Out

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DJ Corner | 11 Most Important Songs of 2011 (Part 1)

Greetings Adagio fans! 2011 is wrapping up and it’s been a great year in music. So great that I, DJ Tommy, have come up with my own list of the most important songs of 2011. I know, there are a million of these “Top (insert subject here) of (insert year here)” lists out there; but this is the only one from a DJ’s perspective (as far as I know, don’t hold me to that.)

By the way, this will be a three part series, with numbers 11 thru 7 today, with 6 thru 2 upcoming, and wrapping it all up with one blog dedicated to the #1 most important song of 2011.

#11) Toby Keith – “Red Solo Cup” ; This song sneaks in due to the fact that this song DEFINES parties for everyone, especially anyone who went to college. One factor was always consistent: 5 bucks gets you a plastic cup. Until this song came out, it never really occurred to me that the cups were always red and made by Solo. 5 bucks for a cup and the money likely went to the party thrower’s rent for the month. Toby Keith captures the essence of the cup perfectly. If you’ve ever been part of a large gathering, it is very likely that you had a red Solo cup in your hand at some point in your life.

#10) Foster The People – “Pumped Up Kicks”; Here’s a song that proved that a solid hook can make a hit. I’ve had this requested a few times at weddings I’ve worked and I always chuckle a bit because the lyric content isn’t exactly the happiest stuff on earth. I’m not going to get into it here because I’m a positive and uplifting guy, but if you’d like, go ahead and Google the lyrics and give them a read. After that, you better watch this YouTube video of the surprised kitty to get you back to happy again.

#9) Katy Perry – “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”; Katy Perry did it again. Here we have another tune about the most legen (wait for it) dary, debaucherous evening that any party goer has ever experienced (there was likely red Solo cups at Katy’s party), yet most parents probably don’t mind their small children hearing it in the car (at least I HOPE me and my wife aren’t the only parents who do this). Adults love the song because they can live vicariously through the music, and kids love the song because they all get to yell “T-G-I-F” and let’s face it; everything Katy Perry releases sounds like an amped-up Radio Disney tune. Still, I’d like to see the “Kidz Bop” people TRY to clean this one up.

#8) Lady Gaga – “The Edge Of Glory”; I gotta say, I’m not that big into Lady Gaga, but I really do like her latest record “Born This Way”. Not just because I was able to download the whole thing for just 99 cents on it’s release date (I spent a whopping dollar on my wife. “C’mon honey, I saved a ton on your gift. Let’s go get dinner and feel free to super size your meal…”), but this record is a creative step up from her previous releases. While there were quite a few singles off this record this year, I chose “The Edge Of Glory” to be in the top 11 solely for the fact that it has a saxophone solo. Sometime around the breakout of Seattle grunge, saxophones have essentially been wiped out of popular music. But in a year where we lost Clarence Clemons, I’m quite happy to see the saxophone make its way back into the fold. Yes, I know, some of you reading this might need to ask your parents who Clarence Clemons is.

#7)  Zac Brown Band – “Knee Deep”; As a wedding DJ, I like to find the right music to set the mood and tone for the evening. When we reach the final songs of the night, I like to begin to put the newlyweds in the mood for what’s next. No, not THAT, I’m talking about the HONEYMOON. If they’re heading somewhere tropical, “Knee Deep” is a perfect song. I love how songs like this really put you in that place where you are surrounded by white sands and blue water. This particular song is actually a duet with Jimmy Buffett, the KING of island country music. Seems like every country singer that has a song about a tropical destination calls on Mr. Buffett at some point, which unfortunately is a little predictable. Now if Jimmy Buffett teamed up with Metallica for a duet?……it could happen (and if it does, it has to be better than the stuff they did with Lou Reed). Turn on a heat lamp, mix a drink with some fruit in it, and listen to “Knee Deep” when it’s 20 below this winter, you’ll be glad you did.

That’s all for now, check back to the blog for #6 thru #2 and then again as I reveal the #1 most important song of 2011!

–Casey Kasem, I mean, DJ Tommy

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DJ Corner | Trading Vows anyone?

Have you ever been presented with the question of “If you could have lunch/dinner with ANYONE, living or dead, who would it be?” This is always a common essay question or a personality quiz question that I’m sure you’ve had to contemplate at least once in your life. It’s a pretty loaded question for sure, but I definitely think Sir Mix-A-Lot would be in the top 10.

Why Sir Mix-A-Lot? I can picture it now…we’d be sitting at a nice casual diner of some sort and I’d say “Sir, (cause we’re totally on a first name basis) I’m a DJ and I play your big hit song “Baby Got Back” quite often. The thing is, everytime someone comes up to request it, they simply call it “Big Butts”. If you could go back in time, do you think you would have just called it “Big Butts”? The answer would probably be a resounding “No”, but that’s beside the point.

It got me thinking: It’s funny how different songs take on lives of their own. Whether a song is commonly known by another name because of a great hook, (“I like big BUTTS and I cannot lie…”) or the artist’s meaning behind the song means something totally different to the listener (Green Day’s “Good Riddance” is commonly known as “Time Of Your Life” and is actually a story about a relationship ending badly; but it was TOTALLY everyone’s graduation song in 1997 and beyond) or the listener just keys in on the song’s feeling rather than the message (Brad Paisley’s “Whiskey Lullaby” is actually a VERY sad story about heartbreak and death, but it’s hauntingly beautiful and a common wedding playlist request.) But that is the great thing about music, the artist has the freedom to create and the listener has the freedom to interpret. So keep on requesting “Big Butts”, we know what you mean! 😉

Now onto some recent celebrations. I gotta tell you about Nora and Andy’s ceremony and reception at the Van Deusen Mansion in south Minneapolis. Holy cow, WHAT a venue! I was privileged to help with their ceremony as well as their dinner and dance along with the help of the Van Deusen staff and Lori Snyder and her staff at Evolution Events. Unlike a typical reception with an on-site ceremony, where a single space gets utilized for everything, Nora and Andy’s day moved all around the property. Ceremony in the courtyard, to cocktails on the front terrace, to dinner in the event center, back to the courtyard for cocktails and desert, then into the carriage house for the dance. The two story carraige house has an upstairs lounge that completely overlooks the dance floor below. It really kind of looked like a mini nightclub! Of course everyone had a great time, but here’s the really cool part about the whole day; Nora and Andy pulled off this absolutely INCREDIBLE day by bartering. That’s right, everything they had for they wedding they recieved by trading through Andy’s company Boomerang. You can learn more about their journey and how they did it by visiting It just goes to show what you can accomplish for a wedding without breaking the bank! I don’t know what Adagio is getting in exchange for our services, but I’m hoping the package includes a pony. My daughter really wants a pony.  Friday was also Andy’s birthday, so happy birthday to him and congratulations to Nora and Andy!

I wrapped up the weekend with Sarah and Michael at Mississippi National Golf Links in Red Wing. I would like to think that I have seen everything in my seven years with Adagio, but Sarah and Michael provided a first for me; as I got to witness Michael’s 100 YEAR OLD grandmother get up (with some assistance) and do the twist. All of our clients recieve a DJ evaluation after their event, and one of the questions is “Did guests of all ages dance?” Hee hee, CHECK! Congratulations to Sarah and Michael as well, we here at Adagio wish you all the best.

That’s all for me for now, thanks as always for reading!

–DJ Big Butts

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DJ Corner | Flash Mobbin’ with DJ Tommy

Hello Adagio fans! DJ Tommy here with my first foray into the blogosphere.

First off, I am considering a new DJ name inspired by a couple I worked with a couple of weeks ago. Jessica and Joe had a great reception at the Lake Elmo Inn Event Center. They didn’t realize it when they made up their place cards for dinner, but they made a very fitting DJ name for me with mine. It simply said “Tommy-DJ Beef”. DJ BEEF?!?!?! That is BEYOND awesome! Everywhere you hear about DJs, they all have cool, funky names like “DJ Mixmasta Q” or “DJ Fastscratch 2001”. That’s not me at all. DJ Beef. Why beef? Ask any chef; there are a TON of ways you can prepare beef. You can grill it, broil it, roast it, chop it, slice it, dice it, grind it up…..that’s me as a DJ: VERSATILE! I can turn an event into anything you want me to, just tell me how to prepare myself! That’s why I like DJ BEEF. Although, I guess I can see problems arising from such a nickname. Perhaps if I have a consultation with a vegetarian couple? Hmmmmm…….better stick with Tommy.

Anyway, I would like to write about the event I DJ’d on September 10, 2011 for Stacie and Chris at Prestwick Golf Club in Woodbury. First of all, I can’t recommend the services at Prestwick enough. Banquet Manager Traci Meyer does an absolutely dynamite job and has a top notch staff. A key component to making a reception a success is a banquet facility that keeps things on time and flowing. I’ve worked at Prestwick many, many times and have never seen Traci and her staff come up short; and with the in-house catering done by Axel’s Charhouse, you know the food will be fantastic! (And in case you’re wondering, yes, I had the beef.)

Stacie certainly knew the great job that Prestwick would do since she herself is a part of Traci’s staff. Stacie and I had met many times with my various appearances at Prestwick while she was doing her job serving guests, clearing tables, and keeping water glasses full. But it was her day, so Traci and the service staff said congratulations to their friend and co-worker the only way they knew how: FLASH MOB.

The entire staff (along with three bridesmaids, who are also Prestwick banquet staff) had an entire choreographed routine worked out, all I had to do was press play. After all of the salads were served, the staff was wandering about, as if they were checking on the needs of guests. Then Traci gave me the signal, and I switched the light jazz dinner music into “I Gotta Feeliing” by Black Eyed Peas. The staff immediately switched from serving mode into full on dance mode in perfect unison that would likely impress Usher.

In a twist that even surprised me, right after the part of that song where the chorus is really mellow, where the beat kicks in again to the chants of “HERE WE GO! HERE WE GO!…” EVERYONE that was working that night in the ENTIRE BUILDING rushed in an a pumped up conga-like fashion. There were servers and bartenders from the adjoining Axel’s restaurant, chefs, cooks, dishwashers…I think I even saw a UPS guy who was dropping off a package…EVERYONE was out around the tables dancing. I had lights blazing, music pumping, and the thought going through my head of “is there a restaurant full of people over there and NOBODY working?” I digress. The song concluded with the whole staff lined up in front of the head table holding up signs to Stacie and Chris, offering their congratulations. Then, in true flash mob fashion, it quickly dissipated as if nothing happened.

The remainder of the night was great, with people of all ages dancing and having a great time. The groomsmen even serenaded Stacie’s mom while everyone danced to Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”. Different spellings of the name “Stacy”, I know, but who’s counting? I mixed a playlist of current dance music, hip hop, and rock, with a few special 80’s and 90’s requests. It was a fantastic reception, and I hope to do it all again for Stacie’s bridesmaid Jolynn next June!

-DJ Beef, I mean TOMMY, DJ Tommy

Photos c/o Donae Cotton Photography

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Weekend Recap | Airborne Chairs, Geysers, and Throwbacks

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone had a lot of fun! While most people were grilling and chilling all weekend, we here at Adagio Djay Entertainment were busy with weddings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! While every wedding we do is special and unique, a couple things stuck out this weekend that are worth sharing. We also have a member of the Adagio Djay Entertainment team whose brother became a world record holder over the weekend! All that and so much more in your weekend recap!

Steve and Amy’s Wedding

There are a lot of reasons this wedding was one of my favorites:

  1. The reception was held at the Lake Elmo Inn Event Center which is a gorgeous location for a wedding with fantastic food and a really cool fountain right as you walk in.
  2. I DJ’d a close friend of mine’s wedding last summer whose name was Amy Meyer. After the nuptials, her name changed to Amy Ludwig. At this wedding, Steve’s last name is Meyer so Amy’s new name is now Amy Meyer (I thought that was a neat coincidence…..)
  3. I got an assistant! Now I hadn’t scheduled anyone to come with me and help, but a super interested and passionate nephew of Steve’s helped me picked songs and I showed him how to run the lights and cue up music. While typically I’m very particular about where I put certain things and how I go about executing certain things, it was kinda fun to let this passionate 11 year-old play around a little bit! (As long as he didn’t mess anything up =))
  4. I got to experience some new music! Steve and Amy were big fans of the Minneapolis based group Dazy Head Mazy and wanted me to play a few of their songs at the wedding. Typically when people request very specific, hard to find music it can be hit or miss whether or not people will dance to it. Boy howdy did it hit! People were jumping in the air, singing along to the words and having a fantastic time. I enjoyed it so much when I got home, I bought the CD on iTunes. Check it out!

Chris and Haley’s Wedding

DJ Dan had the distinct pleasure of working with one of our favorite Photographers Donae Cotton of Donae Cotton Photography at Chris and Haley’s wedding at the Florian Gardens in Eau Claire. I have the pleasure to work with Donae often as we are on the board for Wish Upon A Wedding Minnesota together and she is one of my all-time favorite people! But beyond being a stellar boardmate, she also takes some fantastic photos! Check out this photo of Haley and Chris. Notice the heart they make with their bodies as they share a kiss? This gets my vote for photo of the year!! Well done Donae!

Reuben and Rachel’s Wedding

We had a pile of Sunday Weddings this Memorial Day weekend. I had the pleasure of doing Reuben and Rachel’s wedding at the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul. As the couple made their grand entrance into the event hall and made their way to the dance floor for their first dance, the curtains raised revealing a gorgeous view of the Mississippi River as they danced to “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison.

You could tell by watching the two of them on the dance floor and throughout the evening that they were in definitely crazy in love. Reuben’s brother and best man said it best during his toast when he said, “Reuben and Rachel are so perfect for each other they sit next to each other on a food menu…” =)



This wedding was also a first for me. I have never personally done a wedding where the bride and groom were both Jewish. This meant that I had the distinct pleasure of conducting my very first Hora! In talks with Reuben before the wedding, he made it clear that he wanted a very good Hora, and we may have to play it twice if necessary. When the time came for the Hora, I was both excited and admittedly a little nervous as anyone will be when you are experiencing something for the first time. Everything went off without a hitch and I was blown away watching Reuben and Rachel being lifted into the air on chairs, followed by the Father’s of the Bride and Groom. It was a sight to behold and lasted a solid 11 minutes! Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed! I shot a short video with my cell phone, check it out!


Not only was there a lot of excitement this weekend, there were some songs that made the request list that I hadn’t expected (and to be honest, had almost forgotten about). Some of the songs being thrown into the mix from the late 90’s and early 2000’s that went over like gangbusters and brought me back to those ever-so-exciting high school days! Here are a few of the songs that made the lists:

~Nelly ft. P.Diddy and Murphy Lee – “Shake Ya Tailfeather”
~JLo ft. JaRule – “I’m Real”
~R.Kelly – “Ignition (Remix)”
~Notorious B.I.G. – “Hypnotize”
~Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil Kim, and Missy Elliot – “Lady Marmalade”
~Cam’Ron – “Hey Ma”
~Usher – “Yeah”
~Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre – “No Diggity”
~Enrique Iglasias – “Hero”

Ironically enough I was rocking out to some music from this era inadvertently earlier last week. On a Chipotle/Margarita/Movie date, I noticed a CD in the young lady’s car. She just happened to have picked up Chingy’s “Jackpot” album from from Pawn America for $2 earlier that week and we rocked out to “Right Thurr” and “Holidae Inn” and “One Call Away” on the drive to Southdale to see “Bridesmaids“! It was so awesome, I promised her I’d mention it on the blog! =)

World Record Holder!!

DJ Zach’s brother Tanner Neubauer and his classmates at Princeton High School have brought a world record back to the United States! What record is that you ask? Why the record for most Diet Coke/Mentos Geysers set off at one time! For those who don’t know, when you drop Mentos into a 2 Liter bottle of Diet Coke a chemical reaction occurs causing the Diet Coke to shoot out the top of the bottle. The old record for the most geysers set off at one time was around 2600 set in the Philippines.  Tanner and his classmates set off a little over 3,000 bottles shattering the old record! Click on the picture to see the Kare 11 story on the Geysers. Congrats Princetonites!

You’ve officially been recapped! Cheers!

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Weekend Recap | Tornados, Teenagers, and TV

Wow! What a weekend! While the world didn’t end on Saturday as predicted, it sure as heck came close here in the metro. With tornadoes touching down on Saturday and Sunday it was hard to not to consider the validity of the doomsday theories and made for an interesting wedding story for several couples throughout the metro. I also had the pleasure to saying goodbye to some kids I’ve watched grow up for the last 3 years and got to show off our new mood lighting at the Forever TV red carpet event!

Eagle Ridge Middle School

For the last three years, I’ve had the pleasure to do all of the school dances for Eagle Ridge Middle School in Savage. They’ve been a client of ours for several years and I have a great time with the kids at every dance. It’s an amazing thing for me to see these kids as incoming 7th graders and then see them off to high school a short 3 years later. One kid in particular was one of my favorites. The first dance he ever came to as a middle schooler, he marched right up to me with a pinstripe hat, a pinstripe blazer, and a request for some Michael Jackson. I would oblige saying “If you wear a pinstripe blazer, you can do whatever you want.” He proceeded to do this dance every dance for the next 3 years. Good luck in High School kids!

Rapture Receptions

I’m not going to lie, I was getting nervous. I had the pleasure of doing Kimberly and Rhett’s wedding at The Wellstead in Rogers this past Saturday. What started as a rainy Saturday quickly turned into a gorgeous, warm and humid day. Sweat was running down my face as I loaded in and the thought of a storm was the last thing on my mind. But as guest arrival grew nearer, the clouds grew darker. I sat outside with the Wellstead event staff as they armed themselves with umbrellas and awaited the wedding party’s arrival as the rain came down harder and harder and lightning cracked in the distance. As their stretch hummer pulled up, the tornado sirens went off. My first thought was that if rain is good luck, than a tornado has to be fantastic luck! But, after a brief announcement about tornado protocol and a few rapture jokes the show went on as planned and Kim and Rhett danced the night away!


Forever TV Red Carpet Event

Party!!! Every once in a while we in the wedding industry like to get all dolled up and enjoy a night out. It was great seeing everyone in his or her sharpest and shiniest for the Forever TV Red Carpet at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Adagio provided the mood lighting for the Endless Bridge and (if I may be so bold) it turned out pretty fantastic! Great tunes, great people, and a great time. Party Hearty Folks!!


Rarely do we see devastation right here in our own back yards, but the tornado that ripped through North Minneapolis has left several people with the unfortunate task of rebuilding their lives and their community. Want to help? You can! The Minneapolis Foundation in partnership with the United Way is holding a benefit concert for the victims of last Sunday’s tornado. With artists like Soul Asylum, Sounds of Blackness and Robert Robinson among others the “Northside: A Twin Cities Community Benefit” will be held on June 12th at the State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. The goal is to raise $100,000 for the residents for the “North Minneapolis Recovery Fund.” AND the United Way has agreed to match every dollar raised at the event up to $200,000 to rebuild the community. For more information go to and help your neighbors get back in their homes!


Happy Birthday to Tanner Neubauer!! He hit 19 years of age on 5/21/2011. In honor of this special little guy becoming a man, check out the dance that he and his friends did at their Homecoming Coronation (Tanner is the one on the far right). Good Luck at Madison ya lil freak!

That’s your recap! Cheers!

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The 3.5 | Summer Songs!

Anyone who lives in Minnesota and has been outside will tell you the weather is fan-freakin’-tastic today. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the sunglasses are on. And even though it’s only May, today has the feel of a Saturday in July. In honor of today’s picturesque day, our 3.5 today is the top 3.5 songs of summer. And in my opinion, there is no better summer music than Country.

Country to me has always been what I refer to as “Freedom Music”. Not only are several of the songs very Patriotic, but they exude a feeling of emotional freedom as well. Country isn’t tied down by the restraints of money or social status. Country is about appreciating the simpler things in life and doing what makes you happy. Living with your heart and not with your head. With sunny harmonies, laid back lyrics, and a good time attitude nothing gets me in the mood to lay out on a lawn chair with a beer in my hand, or do a back flip off a dock (or try to anyway) into the cool waves of a crystal clear Minnesota lake. Imagine the rays of the sun beating down on you as you listen to these songs and notice how you may get juuuuussstttt a little bit thirsty.

3.5 | Summer Songs

3. Zac Brown Band – Toes

How can you not love a song about sitting in a lawn chair, on a beach, drinking a beer? The attitude of this song basically says, “I just need to escape to paradise.” For some people, that paradise is on a beach in the Caribbean, for others it’s an inflatable pool and a cooler of cold Coronas. Regardless of what your personal paradise is, throw on this song, close your eyes, and let your worries melt away.

2. Gloriana – Wild At Heart

Every time I hear this song I imagine myself at the lake surrounded by people enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon. I see kids splashing and playing and living without a care or inhibition in the world. This quartet really brings to life that human desire to shed your responsibilities and just have fun!

1. Phil Vassar – Six-Pack Summer

Pretty obvious why this is our Number 1 Summer song, the word Summer is right in the title. This song is about freeing yourself from the tyranny of winter. “Winter sure was cold and miserable; couped up, shut down, baby it was pitiful” is one of my favorite lyrics in any song because I can identify with that sentiment so clearly. Especially after one of the harshest, snowiest winters we’ve had in a long time I think all of Minnesota deserves to crack a cold one and enjoy the sun. After all, NO ONE appreciates summer like Minnesotans.

“the .5”

Some other great songs for your Summer Play-list:

Tim McGraw – Felt Good On My Lips
Luke Bryan – Take My Drunk A** Home
Kenny Chesney – Summertime
Jerrod Niemann – Lover, Lover
Billy Currington – Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer
Josh Turner – Why Don’t We Just Dance
Josh Thompson – Blame It On Waylon
Zac Brown Band – Free
Eric Church – Love Your Love The Most
Dierks Bentley – Free And Easy
Billy Currington – People Are Crazy


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Weekend Recap | Prom, the Peas, and Mommies!!

Prom/Mother’s Day

Drink it in folks! Prom season! The time of year where your son or daughter gets all dolled up and you spend a fortune for a handful of photographs and huge stack of worry. And while parents all over the Midwest were giving their son or daughter “the prom talk” our DJ’s were out making the party jump! It’s almost ironic that Mother’s day is the Sunday after Mom puts in one of her hardest parenting days. And how are they rewarded? Well my Mom saw her youngest offspring sleeping on the couch until 4pm. (Yes, that is a Mario doll in his arm)

Of all the Prom’s we were a part of this weekend, my personal favorite was the Oscar themed bash a local school threw at the Semple Mansion in Minneapolis! DJ Andrew rocked the house as the student body showed off their glitziest and glamy-est (pretty sure that’s not a word but who cares!). I remember my prom. We walked through the back access of the gymnasium….


We only had one wedding this weekend and “Imma Be” honest, “I Gotta Feeling” they had no trouble finding “The Time” to “Rock That Body”! If you haven’t caught on yet, the only songs on Mike and Lisa’s “Must Play” list for their wedding at Majestic Oaks in Ham Lake were by the Black Eyed Peas. These party people fist pumped all night while DJ Chris played some of the most energetic songs on the radio today and even mixed in a healthy amount of good ol’ fashioned country drinkin’ music. This Hip-Hop Hoedown was definitely one for the memory books.

Speaking of the Black Eyed Peas…..

This is just incredible!

Big Brother Big Sister at the St. Paul Saints Game

For the second year in a row, DJ Zach and Adagio Djay Entertainment have donated their time and resources for the BBBS picnic at Midway Stadium. With Balloon hats, free food from Tom Reids and Lord Fletchers, free frozen Custard from Culvers, a juggling station, and no shortage of enthusiasm, this event had everything! The kids were even kind enough to teach Zach how to “Dougie”!

Keep Dancing!

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